A Winter’s Journey, Hares & Hyenas, 25 August 2018 – lyric sheets

About Floyd



What I say about me

I write and sing songs that tell stories. Folk songs, country ballads, weird dark ditties, happy little pop tunes.

I perform solo: one guitar, one voice.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been performing for years, both in Australia and overseas. I’ve travelled to some strange places.

My debut album ‘A Thief’s Journal’, produced by Marty Brown (Art of Fighting, Clare Bowditch), was released in 2007 on Ang Fang Industries through MGM. My new album ‘Sinatra’s Bones’, recorded by Neil Thomason at Head Gap, is out now. They both feature amazing bands of musicians working with me to bring those songs to life. Check them out here, as well as an early solo EP and a few other curios.

You can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter. You can contact me there, or through my Bandcamp page.

What I want the press to say about me

Floyd’s been song-hunting in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. He’s spun Bulgarian transvestite gypsy dance pop in clubs. He slumbered by the Flaming Crater of Darvaza. He sang chansons françaises for the French consulate in Saigon. He gave a private show to the Squatter King of Hanoi. He founded avant-garde instrumentalists the Ang Fang Quartet. He fronts acclaimed jazz manouche and French chanson ensemble La Mauvaise Réputation. He’s composed scores for award-winning films. He’s been to the High Court.

Songwriter, singer, nightclub entertainer, instrumentalist, DJ, film-score composer, gentleman adventurer, hedonist, lawyer & social justice campaigner, Floyd is one of Australia’s most versatile musicians. Schooled in ancient texts & early jazz, centuries of street & prison slang, French decadence & cinematic spectacle, his songs tell of love and death, brimstone and ecstasy, the sacred and the profane.

He performs solo: one guitar, one voice.

What the press actually say about me

‘A Thief’s Journal’: ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Radio Adelaide, 12-18 May 07; ALBUM OF THE WEEK: PBS FM, 11-17 June 07; RRR TOP TEN – 7-13 May 07

‘Finally, a folk/country record where you can tell one song from another… Thursby writes with just enough ornament to trigger your imagination, never straying into pretension…This album is hard to fault.’ Forte Magazine, May 07

‘Floyd Thursby has a fascinating voice… But of course, all that would be insignificant without great songs as vehicles for that voice. Thursby has armfuls of them. There’s not an uninteresting moment on this debut LP…. an endlessly rewarding recording.’ Rhythms magazine, May 07

‘An intriguing sketch of brilliant songwriting… the band has delivered a masterpiece…. A Thief’s Journal goes straight to the poolroom.’ Rave Magazine (BRIS), May 07

‘Lyrics from Bob Dylan’s new album? No, from Floyd Thursby’s debut self-titled 5-track CD. Go see him and hear for yourself. A powerful new addition to Australia’s most original singer/songwriters.’ Billy Pinnell, June 06

‘Striking voice and strong lyrics.’ John Watson, March 06

Babylon Gate is one of the best songs, lyrically, that I’ve heard all year.’ Claire Stuchbery, PBS FM, August 05

‘Overall, the sound is something like anyone from the Candle Records stable trying to cover Tim Rogers’ solo stuff…the standout track is the impressive Babylon Gate. Thursby whittles his own version of the classic country-style epic of bloodshed and revenge.’ Beat, May 05


Videography and photography by The Colour Eve.


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