Forget about love

25 Jan 09

Forget about love
Forget the days that march towards us all like soldiers
There’s the moment you stood tall, and shook your fist at them all
And said ‘you gave me grief but I threw it in your face’
And you put your faith in the machine, and its technical embrace.

So forget about love
Forget your lovers laid upon the fields of rage
Where victory bells and cannon sound offstage
And the ranks of age and the passing of your youth
Besiege your fragile fort, your small taste of the truth.

Forget about love
Forget the men amassing at the border
Put your faith in the machine that gently renders
A life unto a death and war unto order
And binds us by our tactical surrenders.

But remember this
If one day in a bar, or a dream, or a theatre of war
You find someone to tend your house of straw
And water the rough hours between liaisons
Remember they are with you through the seasons
And have faith.

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