Lady Blue

2, 3 September 2003

Take her brothers, take her son
They’ve taken almost everyone
And evil sits beside you now
Beware this day, beware this hour, my Lady

Take these coins out of her hand
They’re taken from another’s land
She held them hard she held them tight
But fists closed in your face that night, my Lady

Lady, Lady Blue – Lady knows it’s true

Forget you ever saw her face
The echoes of her voice erased
Remember nothing of her name
What’s left of you after the game, my Lady?

The nameless name their children so
The faceless stand in faceless rows
The hollow men are waiting there
Why won’t you climb this flight of stairs, my Lady?

Lady, Lady Blue – Lady knows it’s true

Lady fell down on her knees
She asked the gods forgive me please
Who knows what tears of mourning fell
You know that river runs through Hell, my Lady

Why beat this cross into the ground?
Why hate the lost and loathe the found?
There’s reasons, child – there’s reasons, see
But what they are has beaten me, said Lady

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