A dusty road will bring us back together – See you in the spring

You know that river runs through hell, my Lady – Lady Blue

I wear the black promise like a black armband – The Red Letter

And I know that by loving you so, I will lead them to me – The Thief

I don’t care about justice, but I care for revenge – Babylon Gate

But to you I will be nothing more than a name in a book you once read – The Lover’s Twist

The ferry’s weighted down with rags and gold – A trip across the river

Morning is coming, the owls sleep soon – All the town’s asleep

Oswald killed the President like JFK killed John Wilkes Booth – Eight days

You can’t ride the road without steel – Sinatra’s Bones

When loving her is easy and she’s shining like a star – You gotta fly

Forget your lovers laid upon the fields of rage – Forget about love

To feel a body’s warmth is but to understand that part of you is cold – Poland’s Lament

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